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Racial Equity White Paper

Addressing systemic inequities in our education system, intensified by COVID-19, requires centering on racial equity solutions. Now is the time to address inequities directly, engage in courageous conversations, and move toward racial healing. Yet, research on equity-centered resources, tools and approaches points to limited availability of equity tools and processes specifically designed with the context of schooling in mind. The EduDream Equity Toolkit (EET™) was developed in response to the research summarized in the White Paper, In Pursuit of Racial Equity: A Pathway for Action and Transformation in Education. 

The white paper highlights what is known about national efforts to advance equity and lays out actionable steps the Biden-Harris administration can take to support educational equity.


Download the full report to learn more about:​

  • The role of policy and government in advancing equity;

  • Existing federal, state, local, philanthropic equity tools;

  • Evidence on the need to address racial equity in education

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