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Equity Toolkit

for Districts and Schools


Research for our racial equity white paper led to development of the EduDream Equity Toolkit (EET), a suite of tools with a cohesive process for district and school teams to not only uncover inequitable practices and policies, but also create equity-centered action plans.  What does this all mean?

For districts and schools newer to equity work, the EET can help:

  • Create awareness of biases

  • Establish a common language

  • Define a clear equity statement

  • Set equity goals

For districts and schools that have been engaging in equity work for a few years, the EET can help:

  • Assess the current state of equity work and progress

  • Confirm or refine equity statements

  • Recalibrate on equity goals

  • Develop a roadmap for moving the equity work forward

District and school teams will begin the EET process by completing the District/School Readiness Assessment (DSRA). The DSRA is not designed as an evaluative tool, nor does it assess how well districts are doing in addressing equity. Rather, the DSRA helps district leaders and teams understand the current state of equity work and identify gaps so they can begin to address them.

The EET District/School Readiness Assessment focuses on the following five domains:


  1. District or School Strategy, Vision and Shared Accountability

  2. District or School Norms and Culture

  3. Systems and Structures to Ensure Equity

  4. Culturally Responsive Approaches to Education

  5. Parental Engagement and Community Collaboration

Read more:  What's in the Equity Toolkit?

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