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Internship Program

EduDream partners with universities and colleges to host summer and year-long interns.  As women of color in a niche profession, we provide mentorship, professional development and substantive practical internship experiences. Since its inception, EduDream has hosted rising third- and fourth-year undergraduates from the University of Chicago. 


The internship program would not be possible without the generous support and strong partnership from institutions of higher education and their career offices, including the UChicago Career Advancement Office.

If your institution's career office is interested in partnering, contact us.


Samuela Mouzaoir is a fourth year student at the University of Chicago studying Psychology and Comparative Human Development. She enjoys conducting research on resilience and the cognitive underpinnings of learning.  She is passionate about equity in education and hopes to pursue Educational Psychology in graduate school.

Samuela interned at EduDream during summer 2019 where she helped finalize research databases, review and expand on literature syntheses and contribute to EduDream's research on equity tools in education. 


Sierra Espinosa is a 2019 Teach For America Corps Member and will be teaching in Denver, Colorado for the next two years. Sierra leads a Pre-K classroom at a Montessori-inspired early learning center and works with families who are primarily Ethiopian.

Sierra interned at EduDream from fall 2018 to spring 2019. She helped conduct qualitative research for a number of projects, including research on states’ special education policies, high quality teacher preparation programs, and profiles of Chicago’s Latino neighborhoods. Sierra earned an undergraduate degree in public policy from the University of Chicago.


Paulina Torres-Orejuela is a Research Analyst at the University of Chicago Consortium on School Research. In this role, she works on the To&Through Project, which provides data and resources to educators, communities, and policymakers to increase the percentage of Chicago Public School students who move to and through high school and college.

Paulina interned at EduDream during her senior year of college and credits that opportunity for developing her quantitative research skills, which are essential to the work she does now. As a Research & Policy Intern, she helped conduct research on postsecondary pathways, educational, social and health needs in Chicago’s Latinx neighborhoods, and states’ special education policies. Paulina earned an undergraduate degree in public policy from the University of Chicago in 2019.

Ready to work together on educational equity?

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.

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