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EduDream Equity Toolkit - EET

To help districts and schools build capacity to advance educational equity, EduDream created a comprehensive toolkit and approach for successfully developing and implementing equity-focused plans. Using data analysis, honest dialogue, and action-planning tools, the EET engages and empowers education leaders to work towards systems change to combat educational inequities.


Standards-Based Reform: What is it? What Have We Learned? What's the Path Forward?- Fact Sheet 1 Fact Sheet 2 and Fact Sheet 3

Through a three-part series, EduDream explored the extent to which Standards-Based Reform (SBR) addressed structural inequities in education and the unintended consequences and equity challenges that emerged. The series includes a snapshot of districts demonstrating positive academic shifts for students of color and students experiencing poverty, and their efforts to address unintended consequences and educational inequities. The Fact Sheets are part of a suite of resources on the lessons learned from 30 years of SBR, and the need to explore how best to advance the next generation of education policies to eliminate structural barriers that stagnate educational outcomes for Black, Latinx, and low-income students - either within the SBR framework or through an alternate policy paradigm.

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In Pursuit of Racial Equity: A Pathway for Action and Transformation in Education - White Paper

This report highlights the current state of educational inequities and national efforts to address them through policy, resources, tools, and technical assistance. EduDream reviewed 60+ equity-centered resources, we find that few toolkits are explicitly designed for K-12 schools and districts. 

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