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Vote for EduDream
to Present at SXSW EDU 2024

View our SXSW EDU 2024 Conference proposals below and upvote them to increase our chance to present! Community voting makes up 30% of the total score for our proposal (p.s. you can vote for all three proposals).

Growing BIPOC Student Motivation: What Makes the Soil Fertile 

This presentation will dive into groundbreaking research on the effect of systemic and contextual barriers on BIPOC college student motivation. By recognizing these factors, we can create policies and school environments that cultivate motivation and academic success for all students, ultimately working towards a more equitable educational landscape. 

Leveraging AI to Increase Diverse Students' Motivation

From a review of 100+ studies on motivation in Black, Latinx, and low-income students and expert perspectives, this session will explore prominent factors affecting diverse students’ motivation and discuss the potential for, and ethics of, leveraging AI solutions.

Women Entrepreneurs of Color Ignite Innovation in Education

This panel will chronicle the journeys of three women entrepreneurs of color who launched and sustained education businesses. The through-line of how their identities and focus on equity impact their approach provides guidance and inspiration to the next generation of women of color entrepreneurs.



  • Leona Christy, Founder and CEO of CatalystED - Moderator

  • Monica Martinez, Co-Founder of EduDream - Panelist

  • Marcela Andres, CEO of designEDengagement, PBC - Panelist

  • Cheyenne Batista, Founder & CEO of Firefly Worldwide Inc - Panelist

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